We at OneLife believe that we can dramatically improve people’s lives and the current state of global health care.

Imagine if... we had instantaneous, real-time information backed by sensible artificial intelligence to improve our health...

We could compare our lifestyle choices against other humans of a similar sex, age, location. Are we making good choices, or bad choices compared to others out there similar to us? And then, if we wanted even more information, we could expand that search to humans who live outside of our area, different parts of the state, or country, or even in totally different parts of the world. We would literally have a global ‘best practices’ scenario for a healthier lifestyle at our fingertips.

Imagine if... we had instantaneous, real-time
information backed by sensible artificial intelligence to catch emerging diseases as soon as they first appeared ...

We could see when the vitals of a local population are suddenly skewing to a pattern that has not been normal. An alert would be sent to local and world health organizations so they could immediately get to that area, identify what is happening, and contain the outbreak before it becomes a global crisis.

Imagine if... we could help keep patients from
returning to hospitals after they have been treated...

A triple bypass heart patient (for example) wearing our technology can be monitored by their physician (and family members) to make sure that they do not over exert themselves and cause a repeat heart attack.

Imagine if... we could bring security and dignity
to an aging population by helping them with health issues that are particular to them, and by allowing them to age in their homes ...

Instead of wearing ugly pendants around their necks to aide with falling issues, we bring them an elegant solution that not only is more capable than current offerings, but that they actually enjoy wearing and does not ‘brand’ them as a ‘less capable’ human being. Our solution alerts their family and/or health care provider to a problem immediately, from anywhere in the world. Using the same technology, we can also help those individuals who suffer from cognitive decline.


Our Products

Products for the Mobile Medicine Market


A complete mobile healthcare solution that can be implemented and fully functional anywhere in the world with a cell phone signal!

The Sensation


Absolutely no phone is necessary for a user to enjoy the full suite of benefits and 24/7 care of the Sensation.

The Tricorder


This technology can be sent home with a patient or given to rural towns and villages where no permanent health care facility can be maintained.

Our Services


Data Collection for Institutional Use

The company offers a suite of proprietary health/medical software and data collection technologies that offer an open API (Application Program Interface) for easy data communication with existing health/medical data base collection systems.


Personalized Analytics for Individuals

The technology also provides the individual user with their own personal and comprehensive health data account. Data is collected 24/7 via the Company's proprietary standalone wearable health device. The technology then utilizes an artificial intelligence technology which will provide suggestions to the user for health and lifestyle improvement and predictions as to potential health issues.

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